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  • Samantha Sweet

Stunning Single Stems

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Watching designer makers I’ve realised that most have a pet piece, an object that they love to express themselves through. For some it’s a mug, a jug or a perfume bottle. For me, it’s a vase.

This hit home during my MA at the RCA. My MA show included a series of vases designed to flatter certain flowers, like the float vase for a single rose, Kenny and Cartman for a single poppy or gerbera.

Making these vases taught me a lot about working with flowers. I still like to look at the stem as well as the flower but also make vases with more flexibility. A narrow necked vase is the perfect vehicle for this as it props up the flowers. With that in mind, I designed the cut crystal pop bottle which is easy to style with either flowers or foliage.

As the name suggests, the elegant, sweeping silhouette of the Cut Crystal Pop Bottle was inspired by contemporary disposable drinks bottles reinterpreted in 24 % lead crystal glass. Each vase is handblown and engraved with designs derived from traditional cut patterns. The shape of the vase, the clarity of the glass, and sparkle of the engraving show off a single stem wonderfully. It will also suit a simple arrangement of matching stems which can be coupled with a sprig of greenery. Stems of oversized foliage are fantastically dramatic, immediately giving you stunning look full sophistication. The bottles have the reassuring weight of lead crystal that makes them stable with or without water, allowing for dry arrangements too. That said, they don't have to be filled, they are designed to look just as beautiful empty!

Hydrangeas looking stunning in arranged in Cut Crystal Pop Bottles
Fresh Hydrangeas

Creating a minimalistic display in a narrow necked vase adds weight to everything that is there, allowing the individual marvels of nature to shine through. Grouping a series of clear vases, bottles and jars together will make an even bigger statement if you have the space. I love the image below with a range of pieces and patterns, flowers and foliage. It’s very dramatic but beautifully simple to put together.

I have a selection of Cut Crystal Pop Bottles in my shop, you will find them here

Mixed group of handblown 24 % lead crystal bottles
Cut crystal bottles and tumblers


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