Lampwork glass class

Making can be both relaxing and rewarding, would you like to have a go?  Whether you are interested in learning something new or looking for a creative outlet lampworking glass is a great option.


The term 'lampwork' derives from when glass was melted in the flame of an oil lamp with the artist blowing air into the flame through a pipe or using foot-powered bellows. Now artists use oxygen and propane mix torches. Using the flame glass can be heated to a molten state and then worked in a solid form or blown in to vessels.  At the end of the process the glass needs to be annealed in a kiln to remove stresses.

I currently run two1:1 beginners courses lasting 2 hours. You will melt glass rods over a flame working with colours of your choice and using a variety of decorative techniques. In a 2 hour session you can make either glass beads or glass rings.

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The studio is 5 minutes walk from East Finchley tube station. Due to COVID 19 lessons are currently 1:1, please get in touch to book a date.

Please note your work will need to be annealed overnight in a kiln to eliminate stress and posted to you at the earliest opportunity after the session.

Lampwork glass class, London