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  • Samantha Sweet

Packaging can make (or break) your purchase.

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Have you ever regretted ordering something because of how it’s packaged? I always feel let down when something arrives in my pet hate packaging - polystyrene pellets. Everyone knows they instantly transform your home into a huge, squeaky snow globe when you attempt to get the item buried in them out.

As a glassmaker packaging is vital. When I started out making glass default packaging was bubble wrap and polystyrene packing pellets. The packing room was huge just to fit it all in. Next came bio degradable pellets. They resemble pale, tasteless Wotsits that dissolve in water, which didn’t bode well for parcels delivered on wet days. They were just as awful to unpack as their polystyrene counterparts so not much of an improvement for the end user experience either.

Luckily there is a huge amount of competition in packaging so it has kept evolving past shredded paper and wood chips. Now there are lots of fantastic products out there. I’ve just invested in a new packing system using die-cut kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper. It is easily recycled and positively repels plastic tape. Working with it requires creativity - you fasten parcels by folding and tucking. To fill voids I’ve got some stiff brown paper that comes in a neat roll, it’s better for the environment and a great space saver in the studio.

Wrapping with paper feels innovative yet retro too. I’m still practising with different folds and tucks and the results are starting to look good! I was very pleased to get this lovely message back from Dee who recently bought a cut crystal milk bottle

“Just to let you know my bottle has arrived safely. It was so well packed we could have played pass the parcel! I am so pleased with it, thank you. I can’t wait until we can have friends to stay again so I can show it off.”


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