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  • Samantha Sweet

Extending the job description

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

I love and hate the fact that being a maker also means being a designer, packer, cleaner, marketer, bookkeeper and social media planner. Last month I decided something was missing - filmmaker.

Film is a great tool for sharing the making process in lockdown, very social media friendly and can convey some things that are lost in a photograph. It’s perfect for the showing process behind making a piece and adds a sense of time that is impossible to catch in a still.

The lovely R&A collaboration have been running a course for Design Nation members, showing us the basics of film editing using using our phones. The idea is that we can share quick films from the studio without having to spend more time making them than making our work. We won’t end up as professional film editors but it will add to our ability to share what we do, especially useful in the socially distanced time.

So how did it go? I’ll need you to answer that.

This is a film I made using the editing app before the classes, this was made after the classes. Practise will probably not make perfect, but hopefully they will keep improving, follow my insta feed to see how they go.


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