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  • Samantha Sweet


Updated: Sep 18

Following on from the success of last year’s Christmas selling exhibition, Crafted, is making a return, and this year The Hub, Sleaford are celebrating the International Year of Glass.

Crafted: Glass features 7 selected artists and boasts a beautifully curated selection of glass work. From functional wares to sculptural pieces, the exhibition showcases the superb talent of glass makers from across the UK.

3 Dec 2022 – 8 Jan 2023

Ground Floor Gallery

Featured Artists:

Adele Billinghay

Catherine Mahé

Jacquie McNeill

Katie Hinder

Monette Larsen

Ruth Shelley

Samantha Sweet

The exhibition is featured on their insta here , it looks like a brilliantly varied show. It always amazes me what a chameleon glass is, this show is really dives into all it's possibilities by highlighting contrasting styles and techniques. I'm showing my cut crystal milk and pop bottles.

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