Hello, I’m Samantha Sweet, a glassmaker based in North London.  I believe that handmade objects add intimate touches to our lives, providing the antidote to mass production by offering an alternative to personalise our homes. If you enjoy knowing the history of the things around you, how they were made, and maybe most importantly why they were made, read on!

Samantha Sweet Glass was born from a passion for working with glass.  Central to my work is the making process using traditional skills and quality materials.  The pieces tell a story of how they were made and the history of glass making while reflecting modern culture in their shape and pattern.  Find out what's currently in my shop here

On my site you will find lead crystal, the orchid of the glass world.  Cut crystal sucks in light like no other glass, refracts and reflects it back in technicolour.   Soda lime glass of Murano fame comes in the juiciest colour range and is my preferred glass for bead making.  Thirdly borosilicate, a tough and versatile glass making it the perfect choice for working with a torch.  This glass does the equivalent of 0-60 in 3 seconds without compromising on clarity.  Can you tell which one is which?

Handblown glass for the home



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Making can be both relaxing and rewarding, I love to inspire others to work with glass.  Whether you are interested in learning something new or looking for a creative outlet lamp working glass is a great option.  Sadly due to COVID 19 lessons are currently on hold, but take a look and sign up for the newsletter be the first to know when we can start again


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Cut Crystal Milk Bottle

Dot Cut