cut crystal milk bottle and tumbler

Samantha Sweet Studio glass 

Over last year the role our homes play as a sanctuary for emotional and physical security has come into focus.  We need our spaces to promote a feeling of wellbeing and work for our individual needs.  Creating a flexible interior that truly feels like a home is paramount, and a sense of the handmade at its very heart can transform a space into something positively personal.


I make glass using the human hand and judgement, aiming to create objects which are more personal, relatable and enjoyable to use.  Ultimately, we all want to buy things that we won’t throw away.  By combining traditional making skills with modern design I intend to make pieces that can be treasured for many years.

Handblown glass for the home

Central to my work is the making process using traditional skills and quality materials.  The pieces tell a story of how they were made and the history of glass making while reflecting modern culture in their shape and pattern.

On my site you will find lead crystal, the orchid of the glass world.  Cut crystal sucks in light like no other glass, refracts and reflects it back in technicolour.   Soda lime glass of Murano fame comes in the juiciest colour range and is my preferred glass for bead making.  Thirdly borosilicate, a tough and versatile glass making it the perfect choice for working with a torch.  This glass does the equivalent of 0-60 in 3 seconds without compromising on clarity.  I use borosilicate to make my new fibre optic bulbs, find out more here.

If you are interested in working with hot glass yourself see my introduction to lampwork lessons here.

Lighting by Samantha Sweet
Samantha Sweet Glass

About Me

I fell in love with hot glass during a taster session on my BA hons course.  Fiery and literally too hot to handle, I was determined to still be in the room by the end of the day when the queue of hopefuls had dwindled from 20 to 4.  

After graduating I worked in several glass studios and attended classes at Pilchuck and Haystack in the US.  In 2000 I did an MA at the Royal College of Art. 


Residencies: National Glass Centre, Broadfield House Glass Museum 

Collections: The Dan Klein & Alan J. Poole Private Collection of Modern Glass, Broadfield House Glass Collection

Member of: Crafts Council Maker Directory, Design Nation, GBUK

Past stockists include Fortnum & Mason, Heals, Conran Shop, Liberty and Selfridges.

Current Stockists: Contemporary Applied Arts, Frivoli