Sweet Spot by Samantha Sweet

Recessed light chandelier

Sweet Spot is a new concept in lighting, transforming an LED recessed light into a pendant light and back again.  It can be changed in minutes, making it a great solution for modern interiors.  This recessed light chandelier is a versatile, fibre optic design ready to shimmer when you want it to.

Fibre-optic lighting is a delicate, magical light which twinkles and sparkles.  I’ve enclosed it in handblown glass to make a new light bulb.  After a decade of minimalism celebrate the inventive return of decorative and personal interiors with a flexible feature light which you can put up and take down as suits.

Light it up

This recessed light chandelier allows you to adapt your space for different uses easily. When COVID hit we started using our spaces to as offices and classrooms as well as homes.  We want flexibility, wether we need to change our spaces daily, monthly or yearly.  Adaptability is a key factor built into these designs, allowing you to change a room in minutes. 

The swift transfer to video conferencing also highlighted how harsh the lighting in my home was.  Our downlights focused all the light onto the floor creating unattractive shadows and other people seemed to be struggling with the same issues.  I thought that rather than just addressing how to look better on-screen, I could make the lighting in my room more complimentary.

Sweet Spot recessed light chandelier is available with either 3,5 or 7 pendants in a copper, platinum or gold finish.  For a larger feature see our Fibre Optic Chandelier.

Patent Pending.

Sweet Spot by Samantha Sweet

Handblown glass bulbs

Each bulb is handblown on a glass lathe. Glass lathes are widely used to make scientific glassware.  My lathe is a British built Heathway that was originally owned by British Aerospace for making the dials on their prototype planes.  


I melt the glass using a propane and oxygen mix torch.  Each bulb is then annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to remove stress.