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The cut crystal pop bottle is a very versatile narrow necked vase or carafe, great for showcasing a singe stem, oversized foliage or a small spray of flowers.   Handblown in 24% lead crystal, the vases have an elegant sweeping silhouette and superb clarity. They have the reassuring weight of lead crystal glass which gives them great stability with or without water, allowing for dry arrangements too.  


These vases is great for holding daisies, orchids, roses, and many more. Whether you are arranging a lush bouquet for that rustic look or highlighting one or a few flowers for a more delicate style the shape of this vase will be complimentary. 


They vases look beautiful when paired with tall thin flowers, or flowers with thin stems. If you want to create a wild and country look, opt for flowers like peonies – with its delicate petals, this flower overflows the opening of the vase but looks subtle and well arranged.


You don’t always have to fill your vase, they are designed to look just a beautiful empty!  Perfect for enhancing a hallway or living room, they work well on mantel pieces, sideboards or console tables.


This bottle has an enchanting star pattern.  The pattern is derived from historical cut patterns and added using traditional techniques by hand.


They arrive in a simple white box.


Star Cut Crystal Pop Bottle

Out of Stock
  • Height 267mm x Width 80mm

    24% lead crystal glass.  

    Handwash in warm soapy water.  Not dishwasher safe.  See my blog for more care instructions

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