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Cut Crystal Milk Bottles start the conversation about the value of craft.  By recreating a mass produced glass bottle, handblowing it in 24% lead crystal, taking that bottle and hand engraving patterns onto its surface, we make a completely different object to the original.  The same in size and function, the pieces are entirely different.


A cut crystal milk bottle will sit elegantly on any table, adding timeless grace to a kitchen or dining room.  It can also be used as a flower vase, it's tapered neck perfect for displaying a single stem or small posy on a sideboard or mantel piece.  On a dining table or in a sunny window sill, these sturdy vases can easily accommodate wet or dry arrangements.


Each bottle is hand blown and individually engraved by hand using diamond impregnated cutting wheels.  The cuts are then polished to create the sparkle we associate with cut crystal glass.  The patterns are derived from traditional cut crystal pieces and created using traditional techniques.  


Multi-purpose and versatile, these gorgeous bottles make an excellent accent for modern decor.  They can be given as thoughtful and practical gifts for anniversary, wedding, birthdays, and house warming presents.


Handblown Cut Crystal Milk Bottes will make a statement wherever they find a home.


Star Cut Crystal Milk Bottle

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  • Height 185mm x Width 75mm

    24% lead crystal glass.  

    Handwash in warm soapy water.  Not dishwasher safe.  See my blog for more care instructions

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